Date 2009-05-13
Latest exhibition in 3 area of China

We are going to join 3 different exhibitions in the coming month! Please see the details as follows:

1. Tianjin
Name: 2009 Tianjin International Mobile Phone Industrial Exhibiton And International Maunfacturing (Mobile phone)Assort Purchasing fair
Date: 14-05-09 to 16-05-09
Venue: Tianjin Binhai International Exhibition and Conference Center
Booth No: #2 Exihibiton room, #2060

2. Zhangjiabian
Name: China (Zhongshan)Packing,Printing Industrial Exhibition
Date: 5-06-09 to 7-06-09
Venue: Zhongshan Torch International Exihibition and Conference center
Booth No: #3 Exhibition room T06

3. Shanghai
Name: 2009 The 7th Shanghai International Mobile phone Industrial Exhibition And Proseminar(CME2009)
Date: 8-07-09 to 10-07-09
Venue: Shanghai Guangda Exposition And Conference Center
Booth No: No.2 Extraoridinary 006